Broadsight is an energetic consultancy business that offers Maintenance and Mechanical Engineering Services to a variety of clients in the Mining, Mineral Processing, Power Generation, and Heavy Manufacturing Industries across Australia.

Broadsight is focused on providing businesses with the services and solutions needed to ensure that the maintenance management and asset reliability functions of the business are truly maximised.


By being committed to helping

organisations increase the performance of their wealth producing assets, Broadsight is able to identify and implement improvements within the maintenance function that provide real value towards advancing the productivity, reliability, and safety of today’s industrial equipment.


Broadsight is not a consulting business

that just tells it’s customers what areas they need to change or improve upon, but is rather a business that works more closely with it’s clients by actually assisting with implementing the changes necessary for improvement and being available to resolve the issues that can arise as a result of initiating these changes.

Clients & Previous Projects

With our Maintenance and Mechanical Engineering services being offered to a variety of clients across the Mining, Mineral Processing, Power Generation, and Heavy Manufacturing Industries of Australia, Broadsight has the ability to transfer improvement initiatives between the specific industries of our clients.

Assignments previously undertaken include:

  • Dragline shutdown planning and co-ordination ($25 Million Project)
  • Coal Processing Plant construction & commissioning activities.
  •  Longwall and mining equipment overhauls and rebuilds.
  • Plant throughput and reliability improvement initiatives at a Coal Processing Facility.
  • Prepare project cost estimates for an upgrade in the capacity of a Mineral Processing Plant ($32 Million Project).
  • Coal Processing Plant operation & maintenance activities.
  • Site implementation and coaching work related to the 1SAP work management improvement initiative.
  • Shutdown improvement suggestions and business justifications for a Coal Export Terminal. (Port)
  • Develop an Operational Manning Strategy for a Coal Export Terminal. (Port)
  • Longwall Commissioning.
  • Coal Processing Plant operation & maintenance activities.
  • Commissioning Management responsibilities for an In Pit Crushing & Conveying system ($100 Million Project).
  • Develop Operational Manning Strategies for new Coal Processing Operations.
  • Prepare Maintenance Cost Estimates including Labour & Parts provisions.
  • Establish a Services Execution Plan for a Coal Processing Operational Tender Package.
  • Rationalise site lubrication requirements, types, and quantities.
  • Develop Preventive Maintenance (PM) inspection schedules and field check sheets.
  • Identify, select, and procure appropriate fixed plant equipment spares needed to support the initial and ongoing operation of a remote mining operation.
  • Equipment maintenance strategy reviews, and structural audits on a Coal Processing Facility.
  • Provide equipment maintenance strategy reviews and structural audits on a Coal Processing Facility.
  • Develop Coal Haulage Tender and Contract documentation. ($10M per annum).
  • Establish a process for monitoring Maintenance Key Performance Indicators on the Mobile Mining Fleet.
  • Create a Maintenance Position Task List including task time and function for the everyday tasks undertaken by key maintenance roles.
  • Lead the development of a complete Asset Management regime for a new Coal Export Terminal (Port) during Operational Readiness.
  • Provide “On the Job” coaching of maintenance staff, trades personnel, and operations personnel.
  • Identify and list Bill of Material requirements for mechanical equipment items.
  • Develop an Engineering Project Management process for all site improvement initiatives.
  • Deliver Capital Expenditure Projects.

Whatever the task at hand, Broadsight is confident of being able to assist with obtaining real improvements in the areas of Mechanical Engineering and Maintenance Management that can deliver an actual increase in the business performance of our clients.