Our Principle Engineer and Director Simon Lovegrove has a Masters Degree in Maintenance Management, together with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering and has previously lectured for the Central Queensland University’s Maintenance Management Program.

Simon has 30 years practical experience in several different industries including Coal Mining, Coal Export Facilities (Ports), Mineral Processing, Power Generation, and Heavy Industry Construction in the capacity of Maintenance Management, Mechanical Engineering, Project Engineering, Project Co-ordination, Commissioning, and Asset Management.

With considerable knowledge in the areas of maintenance strategy development, expenditure proposals, operational budgets, organisational staff structuring and recruitment, equipment performance improvement, and the 1SAP business improvement initiative, Simon is well equipped to direct a variety of improvement initiatives.

Simon also has a passion for assisting individuals progress with their personal or professional development and by applying his advanced coaching and mentoring skills to their unique situations, has often set in motion some remarkable learning outcomes.

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Broadsight also utilise the specific skills of other leading engineering and maintenance professionals when required to ensure that the client’s requirements are always correctly delivered.

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