The maintenance services offered to you by Broadsight are focused on providing significant results for organisations who wish to improve upon their maintenance performance.

This is achieved by assisting organisations develop and improve in the following areas:

Developing and structuring maintenance strategies for both new and existing plant and equipment. Is each item of equipment being maintained in a manner that will provide the most cost effect and reliable outcome for that item of equipment?

Creating or modifying the maintenance systems used by an organisation to ensure that the main objectives of the maintenance function are achieved and the work management process is practical.

Allowing an organisation to understand their strengths and weaknesses with regard to their overall approach to equipment maintenance. Often by providing a “Second set of eyes”, opportunities for improvements in the areas of Planning, Systems, Strategies, Spare Parts, Tooling, Trade Skills, Culture, and Management, etc. can be readily identified and acted upon.

Enhance an organisation’s understanding and application of condition based maintenance principles and approaches. Ensure that condition monitoring programs are actually being fully utilised towards improving the reliability and performance of the equipment or facility.

Identify items of equipment that need improvements in reliability and develop an approach to immediately upgrade the equipment’s ongoing performance.

Assist production personnel and operations management understand how correct equipment maintenance when performed regularly, will significantly increase the productivity of their assets.


The mechanical engineering services that can be provided by Broadsight are always tailored to suit the client’s specific requirements for engineering assistance. This usually includes providing some or all of the services in the following areas:

Provide engineering support services at any stage in the project, from the management of a feasibility study or design review, right through to procurement, planning, and scheduling, or the final construction, installation, and commissioning of the equipment or facility.

Co-ordinating equipment improvement projects, rebuilds and overhauls. This also includes, if necessary, providing a mechanical engineering review to evaluate and identify the most suitable approach to extending equipment service life. (Repair, Replace, Modify, or Upgrade).

Supporting onsite maintenance and project personnel during major equipment maintenance shutdowns or plant commissioning activities.

Developing appropriate Scopes of Work, Sourcing Strategies, Expenditure Approvals, and Tender Documentation associated with procuring external contracted services or items of equipment. If required, this also involves the onsite delivery, application, commissioning, or training associate with the service or item of equipment.

Creating or reviewing capital project estimates, or operational and maintenance budgets for new and existing facilities. This service often unveils opportunities for the client in cost reduction and financial effectiveness.


Broadsight is able to offer staff training in the specific areas of Plant and Equipment Reliability, Condition Monitoring, Condition Based Maintenance, and Developing an Organisational Awareness of Maintenance Practices and Benefits.

Broadsight also specialises in providing “one on one” mentoring and coaching services to engineers and maintenance personnel across a variety of industries in an effort to increase their level of understanding, confidence, and contribution to the business.

These services can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of the client in order to correctly support their business objectives.